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Pool Cover Roller

Rollers for Pool Covers

Our aluminium rollers make it easy to remove your pool cover and place it back on to the water. 

Use a pool cover roller to extend the life of your cover by avoiding friction against the pool copping stones. 

Depending on the size and shape of your pool, different lengths are offered.

3.0m - 7.25m Aluminium tube

430.00 - €507.00

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UV reflective cover

UV covers

UV covers protect your investment and prolongs the life of your cover by protecting it from the sun’s rays while on the roller which prematurely deteriorates the cover.

Pool Cover Webbing

UV Webbing

UV Resistant webbing for attaching pool covers to rollers doesn’t stretch or break. 

Pool cover poppers


Designed for attaching webbing to the pool cover.


Designed for attaching rope to the pool cover.

Created for you and your pool

Pool Cover Manufacturing

Pool covers are manufactured from large rolls of raw material in our warehouse in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote and cut to the size and shape of your pool for the best quality and longevity.

Sol+Guard Pool Cover Manufacturing

Sol+Guard Pool Covers

Transparent solar pool cover material transmits 80% of the sun’s energy in the visual and IR spectrum through the material to heat the water

EnergyGuard Covers

Award winning solar pool cover material designed to increase pool solar heating while inhibiting algae growth at the same time

Pool Cover Rollers

Pool Cover Rollers help you easily remove your pool cover and place it back onto the pool surface with ease