Swimming Pool Construction

Building swimming pools that are zero-maintenance 
Pools that are sturdy, watertight, safe, resistant, durable, dependable and sound


Swimming Pool Construction

For more than 20 years we have built, repaired and refurbished swimming pools

Pool builds are some of the most complex structures to construct they’re exposed to water, weather changes, chemical products, structural contraction and expansion movements. which is why its important to build them with products manufactured for the specific purpose of building pools.

We offer several different options, so you can adapt to the size of the budget. Together we can design and advise you on a unique pool design specifically to suit you and your villa. 

Insulated concrete form blocks (ICF) manufactured from expanded very dense polystyrene blocks creates a double layer “thermal” effect energy saving pool. Strengthened with vertical and horizontal steel bars and then filled with concrete it forms the basis for the perfect concrete pool.

Why are concrete pools the best option?

Concrete pool builds are the most resistant kind on the market. Using concrete, you can build a pool to last a lifetime. Unlike other materials, concrete doesn’t deteriorate over time.

Additionally all products that we use are designed and manufactured for the specific purpose of building pools. These are not all-purpose products we simply apply to the world of pools to build zero-maintenance pools.


The concrete pool built tank is ultimately responsible for guaranteeing the pool’s watertightness and it is therefore imperative that it complies with the existing concrete regulations (UNEEN 206-1:2008) 

Multiple layers are applied to the structure of the pool to both strengthen and waterproof the concrete pool structure.

When put together, its many layers form a multilevel membrane, where each layer serves a different purpose.

Surface Finish

Pools surface finishes give the swimming pool its aesthetics and water colour appearance. 

We offer several different finishing surface options, so you can adapt to your budget to create a unique pool.

Pool Liners are a great and affordable option to choose, Not only do they provide many different design options and years of usage with correct care, but also reduced installation time and cost as they can be installed directly onto ICF blocks without additional products needed. 

Ceramic Tiles, when applied correctly, tiles are the most durable options to choose from. The unique design options are endless when it comes to tiles, you can tile you terrace and pool with the same tiles for an incredible looking seamless pool with curved edging into the pool or have different tiles with copping stones.

The options are endless giving you the choice for a resistant, durable, unique looking swimming pool build.

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