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How to Clean your Pool Manually

To Clean your pool manually you’ll need some equipment.

1. Pool Vacuum Head

Pool vacuum heads are used to run across the surface of the pool and are made to snap onto the end of your pool pole.

Choose a Pool Cleaning head designed for the type of surface you’ll be cleaning as some work better on vinyl liners and others work better on concrete pools, weighted heads also allow it to stay on the surface of the pool without floating and disturbing the dirt.

2. Pool Cleaning Poles

Telescopic poles for pools are typically universe to allow them to be used with any leaf net, vacuum head and brushes, telescopic poles come in a variety of lengths, quality, strength.

Make sure the one you choose it long enough to reach the floor and across the width of your pool.

3. Vacuum Hose

Vacuum hoses are also universally made to attach to most common systems.

You just want to make sure you purchase one long enough to reach every area of your pool.

4. Pool Brush

Pool Brushes are used to get to the areas your vacuum can’t reach or can’t pick up, pool brushes come in several different sizes and strengths, plastic, metal and wire

Step 1. Assemble your pool cleaning equipment

Attach your cleaning head to the end of the pool pole and unravel your vacuum pipe so its straight.

Step 2. Prime your vacuum pipe

Before you begin cleaning the pool, you’ll need to purge all the air in the vacuum pipe, air pockets can create airlocks and make you loose suction which will force you to bleed the air from the filter. Reducing the amount of air in your system will also keep your filtration system going longer.

To do this you simply need to push the pole and cleaning head to the floor of the pool and to the other side of the pool being careful not to disturb the dust, rest the pole on the side of the pool so it doesn’t fall in.

With the cleaning head and part of the pipe already in the water, push the pipe that’s already under the water down to force the air up the pipe, now you can feed the rest of the pipe under water by feeding it straight down along the side of the pool wall.

If done correctly, water will pour out of the open end of the vacuum pipe. When there are no more bubbles coming out, the hose is air free.

Remember to keep the open end of the pipe under water to avoid air entering.

Step 3. Connect to the Pump

Vacuuming the pool works by attaching the vacuum pipe to the pool pump and filtration system. There are normally few different ways you can connect.

  • Vac port – This is a port that’s been built into the side of the pool
  • Skimmer – When you remove the basket from the your skimmer you’ll see the pipe opening
  • Filter bags – Cleaning via filtration bags require a couple of extra steps see here.

Once you’ve connected the open end of the hose to the inlet you may or may not need to close other suction inlets such as Sumps ( these are the two drains on the floor of the pool) and or skimmers. To close these you’ll need to close the corresponding valves in your pump house, every pump house is unique and the valve positioning may be different to your neighbors so unfortunately we can’t say which without seeing it.

If you’re having trouble and would like assistance contact us

Step 4. Cleaning the pool

To clean the pool, gradually push the cleaning-pole and vacuum head across the surface of the pool hoovering up the dust as you go along, be careful not to go too quick as you could disturb the dust.

The amount of suction you have can vary on a number of things, such as the size of your pump, dirty filter, open valves, cleaning head, additionally if you have too much suction the cleaning head will stick to the surface and you may need to partially open other inlets to reduce the amount of suction with some practice you’ll come to know how much suction you need to effectively clean your pool.

Step 5. Cleaning the Filter

Once you’ve finished cleaning the pool you,ll need to clean the filter.

Read this: Filtration System Maintenance

Step 6. Cleaning the scum line

This is one of the least glamours things to do but it is necessary.

After bathers have used the pool with sun creams and oils these float on the water and will stick to the sides of the pool and gather dust, to clean this use a side cleaner specially designed for pools so not to upset the pool chemistry, such as Piscimar Linnet Action if left uncleaned for long periods of time or if sun tanning has been used in the pool try using Piscimar Scale & Stain Cleaner.

Using Piscimar Goldenflok will help Prevent the scum line formation and protect the sides of your pool.

Step 7. Clean the strainer basket

Its important to clean your circulation pump and skimmer baskets, full and blocked strainers can reduce the flow of your filtration.

Its worth spending the extra time making sure they are debris free.

Read This: How to Clean Pool Pump Baskets?

And that’s it! With this information you should be able to successfully clean your swimming pool.

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