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Hot Tub Care

Maintenance Schedule


Maintenance schedule do you already own a hot tub or are Interested in purchasing a hot tub, but worried what maintenance will be involved? Don’t worry, we’ve highlighted a recommended maintenance schedule to give you a better insight. The guide is advisory to ensure longevity and safe use of your hot tub and isn’t mandatory

Hot Tub Care


  • Add oxishock after use to maintain the sanitiser levels
  • Check and maintain bromine levels even when the hot tub isn’t being used
  • Check the water temperature
  • Ensure the hot tub cover is clean and secure
Hot Tub Maintenance


• Test bromine, alkalinity, and pH levels
• Shock the water with either oxishock or diclor
• Add stain and scale control
• If necessary, and as required, adjust water pH and alkalinity
• Wipe off debris above the water line to reduce contaminants
• Rinse the filters (if needed)
• Wipe down all sides of the hot tub and cover to prevent mould and limescale

Hot Tub Maintenance


• Clean the filters properly
• Check that jets are working to full capacity

Hot Tub Maintenance


• Clean the pipes with Hot Tub Flush with Spamar Hot Tub Cleaner
• Empty and clean the hot tub
• Remove and install a new or clean filter
• Refill water
• Add chemicals and test levels
• Clean hot tub exterior walls

Hot Tub Maintenance


• Inspect your cover for potential damage
• Organised servicing of your hot tub by a professional engineer

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