HSS PRO MAX - Salt Chlorinator

Salt chloriantors for private pools in Lanzarote, the result of hydroline’s experience in electrolysis and knowledge of water chemistry and development of specific chemicals for salt chlorinators.

Hydroline Salt Chlorinator
Salt Chlorinator and Cell
Features & Benefits

• Intuitive, optimized and easy menu (12 languages available).
• Chlorine control in g/h, integrated switch power supply
• Long life titanium, monopolar cells: 10.000 work-hours.
• Vertical / Horizontal cell installation option.
• Double flow safety control. Gas sensor and paddle.
• Checking/Calibration probes utility (pH and ORP).
• Temperature control included (NTC probe)..
• Work hourmeter, salt-level and temperature.
• ORP Switch control (by ORP level) multifuntional (dual/mixed/priority).
• IP65 enclosure, compact, lightweight and easy-installation.
• Monopolar cell (ideal for high hardness level).
• Salinity work: from 4 up to 35 g/L.
• Cover sensor control included.

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