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Pool and Spa Supplies

Lanzarote Pool and Spa Shop

Lanzarote Pool and Spa Shop helps make it easier for you to maintain your pool, pick the best pool covers, pool heaters and design and build your dream swimming pool in Lanzarote around you.

Time to Relax and enjoy your pool and stop stressing over it, with the correct care and equipment it can be your dream pool.

Our online learning is available for free to help you with all the needed pool solutions so you and your guests can enjoy the pool water.

Pool Heater

Smart Pool Heaters

Gecko Smart Titanium Pool Heaters reduces your electric consumption by 70% than standard heat pumps.

Lanzarote EnergyGuard Pool Covers

Solar Pool Covers

Pool Covers have several benefits including keeping the heat from escaping and also gaining solar heat.

You deserve the best

Products for swimming pools and spas for Lanzarote and the canary islands

From our warehouse in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote, in the canary islands, we run our pool and shop and distribution service with pool covers, pool heaters, pool construction, and more to covers the whole of the canary islands.

Since opening for business in 2005, our family-run company has grown to become one of the largest independent pool and spa supply shops in Lanzarote and the canary islands, the growth has been achieved not by only supplying our customers with the right quality products but at the right price. 

Piscimar Shop

Piscimar Pool & Spa Chemicals

Chemicals for pools and spa water is an essential part of maintenance. Piscimar Professional range covers all the needs.

Solar Panel for pools

Vacuum tube Solar Panels

Vacuum Solar Panels Heats your pool from atmosphere temperatures they don’t require direct sunlight and heat your pool even on cloudy days

UV system

Quantum UV system

Powerful UV sterilization to eliminate dangerous microorganisms from pool water, reduce the amount of chemicals and leave the water looking clean and fresh.

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